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Pole Signs & Pylon Signs
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Toronto Pole Signs & Pylon Signs


Most people recognize the large gas station, restaurant, or convenience store signs while driving on the highway or interstant inform you when gas, food, and supplies are near an exit.

Complete Storefront SignageThose signs are known as Pole Signs!

Nothing grabs the attention of more potential customers than a personalized pole sign. Pole signs have been known to work as beacons telling customers that your business is open and ready to help them. If you are searching for a permanent and freestanding sign, then a pole sign may be the best option as it utilizes its size to create the greatest impact and offers the broadest range of visibility for your location.

Made 2 Measure Signworks is the leading local Toronto service provider in the creation, manufacturing, and professional installation of pole signs. We help to design signage solutions to suit your location and business goals and needs; helping you improve the foot traffic your business needs to continue to grow!

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Choosing The Best Illuminated Pole Sign

Dairy Queen Pylon SignIlluminated pole signs created when a large cabinet sign is hoisted into the air and placed onto a pole. Your cabinet sign can either be illuminated, back-lit or free of electrical components. These signs tower approximately twenty feet or more into the air, and is designed to attract potential customers at a great distance – like a moth to a flame. We recommended illuminated signage for those businesses that are open late into the night.

These impressive and highly durable pole signage elements represent a significant investment, but as they are intended to increase the visibility of your brand and draw in customers from a distance. These signs will increase the foot traffic that your business sees, capitalizing on missed opportunities and providing the return on your investment quickly and efficiently, ultimately paying for themselves very quickly.

If you are not sure about that pole signage is the best solution for you, we will perform an on-site assessment to identify which signage solution best fits your needs.

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Choosing Tenant And Pylon Signs

Pylon Sign Tenant signSimilar to pole signs, the tenant and pylon signs stand above the rooftops of businesses’ building; however, they provide more details than a single pole sign can. While the tenant and pylon signs do not stand as high as a pole sign, they are created using thicker materials and present with broader or dual base support structures.

A tenant sign is a form of pylon sign advertising the various businesses located within one facility or company complex. This form of signage is ideal for open-air shopping malls, shopping centers, and business parks.

Are you unsure of what type of sign you need? Made 2 Measure Signworks can help you identify the best sign combination for your Toronto storefront or company.

Call Made 2 Measure Signworks at (647) 699-7654 for expert advice and assistance!

Free Pole Sign Consultation

The Pole Sign experts at Made 2 Measure Signworks are ready to get to work for you! From concept design through installation of your final sign, we handle everything, including clean-up. If you are looking for a dedicated and experienced local Toronto, ON signage partner, Made 2 Measure Signworks is the right choice for all of your business sign needs.

Call Made 2 Measure Signworks today at (647) 699-7654 for a Free Consultation with a Pole Sign Expert!