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AODA Signs
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AODA Signs


Many business types are required to be compliant with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA), and accessibility regulations by posting required signage at their business or office.

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Our team of designers is well-versed in the design of accessibility signage. We are happy to work with you to design a signing package that ensures you are compliant with Federal guidelines.

Even if you don’t feel that your business is subject to AODA regulations, you may find it useful to employ safety signage at your company. Businesses looking to limit their liability may find it prudent to post warning signs, encouraging visitors and employees to wear proper safety gear or watch their step.

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Visually Impaired Signage

AODA Signs acrylic indoor lobby wayfinding 300x198Because it’s required to have high-quality indoor signs that conform to the standards set by the AODA, Made 2 Measure Signworks makes sure that you are equipped with AODA-compliant wayfinding signs and room identification signs. This helps customers and visitors with disabilities navigate through your building safely and comfortably.

Many Canadians are struggling with some form of visual impairment, we make signs that are visible and easy to read. One way is by utilizing high contrast AODA signage. By offering a wide variety of colors, materials, fonts, and design elements to choose from, we also help you keep your brand identity cohesive.

It is our goal to help you give your customers a safe, convenient, and pleasant experience as they do business with you.

Legally Compliant Signage

AODA Signs Ada accessibility indoor signs 1 300x225In some areas, a violation of accessibility requirements is a civil rights violation and can result in thousands of dollars in fines. If your business signs are noncompliant, you could fail inspections and be refused a certificate of occupancy. Here at Made 2 Measure Signworks, we protect our clients from the long arm of the law with legally compliant business signage.

The AODA Standards for Accessible Design does not just cover the size, design, and tactile copy of signs…it also covers font usage, character size, color contrast, location, mounting height, etc.
ADA signs are quite a challenge and not all sign providers are up for it. But we are.

As experts in the AODA sign-making industry, Made 2 Measure Signworks assures you that we can deliver AODA signage that complies with the highly specific standards set by the government.

Full-Service Sign Company

AODA Signs custom sign install fabrication 300x169Here at Made 2 Measure Signworks, we don’t just produce AODA signs for you, we also guide you through every step of the sign-making process. We make sure that we share our signage expertise with you from design to choice of materials, production, placement, and installation.

Made 2 Measure Signworks is fully aware that for Canadians with disabilities, signs that are meticulously designed, crafted, and installed can make a huge difference. We want to partner with you in making that difference.

Free AODA Signs Consultation

When it comes to matters as serious as AODA compliance, you shouldn’t settle for generic, run-of-the-mill business signs. It’s important to choose a sign provider that knows the ins and outs of AODA sign standards and requirements. Made 2 Measure Signworks is exactly that. Let’s talk about your business signage needs and the many solutions we can offer you.

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